Pizza Ranch Is Just the Beginning: Pizza Night Ideas from Taylor Farms

Pizza Night is truly the best night, especially after a hectic week. But too much of the same old takeout can get boring and isn’t especially healthy, either. We’ve collected our best Pizza Night ideas — from pizza recipes that incorporate a bit more nutrients & veggies to the perfect side salads to accompany your pizza delivery that’s on its way.

Pizza Ranch Recipes

Combining the flavors of pizza with the cool creaminess of ranch? Yes, please. Open up our Pizza Ranch Mini Chopped Salad Kit for a single serving bowl of pizza night magic.

Enjoy the Pizza Ranch kit on its own, or try it as a part of these pizza-licious recipes.

Who needs pizza crusts when you have bagels? A go-to breakfast staple offers a crispy yet chewy foundation to build upon for your new favorite form of pizza.

Pizza bagels topped with cheese and pepperonis, featuring Taylor Farms’ Pizza Ranch Mini Chopped Salad Kit.

If you’re living that low-carb life, these crispy, cheesy pepperoni toppers on our Pizza Ranch Mini Chopped Salad Kit will certainly satisfy your pizza cravings—all you need is some mozzarella cheese, pepperonis, and a muffin pan.

Pizzas & Flatbread Recipes

Try these delectable easy pizza recipes that use Taylor Farms salads and vegetables to up the vegetable content for your otherwise normal pizza night.

Indulge in this perfect fusion of creamy ranch dressing, fresh veggies, and classic toppings piled on a crispy pizza crust for a tangy, satisfying twist to your next pizza night.

The flavors of everything bagels and cheese are right at home on top of a crispy flatbread, resulting in a unique pizza experience that may become your new favorite.

Embark on a memorable flavor journey with these mini pizzas featuring Mediterranean-inspired toppings like olives, feta, tomatoes, and even hummus.

Elevate your flatbread game with our Ultimate Caesar Salad Kit and a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing Caesar salad in an exciting new form.

Savor the essence of classic steakhouse flavors in every bite with grilled steak, mixed greens, blue cheese, and balsamic glaze on a sumptuous flatbread.

Side Salads to Serve with Pizza

Need a side salad to accompany your pizza delivery? These salad blends can be ready by the time those beautiful cardboard boxes finally show up at your door.

A classic salad favorite that’s always willing to join the (pizza) party.

Roasted sunflower seeds and parmesan and cheddar croutons are the perfect complement to this salad’s lively Italian vinaigrette dressing.

Add some Tex-Mex flavors to your pizza spread with this salad featuring crisp corn pieces and our creamy Avocado Ranch Dressing.

Pizza with a cold beer is classic, so this salad will be right at home.

Classic Caesar flavors plus bacon bites equals a savory complement to your pizza night.