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Mini Chopped Salad Kits

Single-serving chopped salad kits that are prepped, cleaned, and ready to enjoy—for one! Less food waste, all the great taste.

Seasonal Chopped Salad Kits

Get the flavors of the season with our selection of limited-release salad kits.

Frequently asked questions

We carry a diverse range of gluten-free Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits, from Avocado Ranch Chopped Salad Kit to Thai Chili Mango, and plenty of options in between. You can check out the full list by using the “Filter By” tab at the top of the page and selecting “Zero-Gluten Ingredients.”

Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits are crafted from an assortment of fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients that often offer high amounts of vitamins and minerals to help you meet your recommended daily values. Our Chopped Salad Kits also tend to be low-calorie, providing healthier alternatives to high-calorie foods. Did you know many of our Chopped Salad Kits feature at least five superfoods as ingredients? Check out the full list here.

Yes. All of our Chopped Salad Kits are pre-washed and prepped for your convenience. To prepare, simply open the bag, toss the ingredients together, and enjoy!

Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits contain anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 servings per bag, depending on the product.

Our salads include a “Best If Used By Date” that is unique to when the salad was packaged. All Taylor Farms products should be refrigerated at all times until serving. We do not recommend eating a salad or vegetables after the “Best If Used By Date.” Like all fresh salads and vegetables, our products have a limited shelf life (even when refrigerated), and the “Best If Used By” instructions should be followed.

After the salad package has been opened, push excess air out of the package before reclosing it tightly with a clip and store it immediately in the refrigerator to maintain freshness. Salad should be eaten within two days after opening for optimal freshness.

We are very pleased that you enjoy our salad dressings. Currently, our dressings are packaged exclusively for Taylor Farms salad kits. The formulations (recipes) are proprietary and at this time, we have no plans to bottle and sell the dressings separately at this time.

We do not recommend freezing Taylor Farms salads since lettuce is very fragile and will lose its texture and consistency upon thawing.

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