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23 Best Packaged Foods for Families

“How we picked the winners – From the thousands of new packaged foods launched in the past year, Parents found timesavers to help families make dinner on the fly. To qualify for testing, products had to be free of synthetic dyes and artificial sweeteners. They also needed to supply nutrients. A group of families with 75 kids among them prepped and taste tested 200 – plus products to arrive at this list of 23 winners……….Taylor Farms Everything Chopped Kit – A hit with older kids and parents, this salad has mini toasts, everything bagel seasoning and ranch dressing.”

Taylor Farms Announces Investment with Pure Green Farms

SALINAS, Calif. – August 24, 2021 – Taylor Farms enters the greenhouse growing market with an investment in Pure Green Farms. This expansion into greenhouse grown fresh offerings will complement Taylor Farms’ existing 122,200 crop acre field grown program and 16 salad producing facilities across North America.

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