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The Taylor Farms Mango Lemonade Chopped Salad Kit package, showing romaine lettuce, radicchio, sliced almonds, crouton crumbles, dried mango pieces, and the mango lemonade vinaigrette.

Mango Lemonade Chopped Salad Kit

This Mango Lemonade Chopped Salad Kit captures the essence of a bright summer day. We combined fresh, crisp romaine lettuce, radicchio, crunchy sliced almonds, sweetened crouton crumbles, and dried mango pieces, all topped off with a fruity mango lemonade vinaigrette to give it that extra burst of brightness. Equally tart and sweet, this is the perfect salad for a hot day by the pool — or really just any day when you’re in the mood for a salad that matches the feel of a sunny summer afternoon.

Limited Edition flavor.

Product Features

  • Complete salad kit with toppings and dressing
  • Washed and ready to enjoy
  • Ready in less than 3 minutes
  • Good source of iron
  • Only 90 calories per serving 

MORE ABOUT Mango Lemonade Chopped Salad Kit

Our Mango Lemonade Chopped Salad Kit is perfect when you need a lighter meal for lunch or dinner, but you can easily spruce it up by adding chicken, shrimp, or veggie kabobs if you have a grill handy. You can also top it with peaches and your choice of tropical fruit for a supremely seasonal treat. 

Did you know that 60% of the world’s mangoes come from India? In addition to being juicy and delicious, mango is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A, plus dietary fiber. The mango bits in this salad kit are surprisingly pops of flavor that bring this limited edition blend over the top. Enjoy!