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Nashville Hot Mini Chopped Salad Kit

If you think you need fried chicken to enjoy the savory and spicy kick of Nashville Hot sauce, we beg to differ. Our Taylor Farms Nashville Hot Mini Chopped Salad Kit brings home the beloved flavors of Nashville Hot in salad form — and without the need to venture over to the Volunteer State’s beloved music city. Romaine lettuce, dill pickle-seasoned crispy cucumbers, and creamy Nashville Hot ranch dressing combine to create a uniquely spicy salad kit full of flavor with only a few of the choicest ingredients. 


Product Features

  • Complete mini chopped salad kit, with unique toppings and dressing
  • Washed and ready to enjoy
  • Includes a Nashville Hot ranch dressing
  • Good source of iron and potassium 

MORE ABOUT Nashville Hot Mini Chopped Salad Kit

Here’s the easy part: there is no need to wash or prep anything — everything is ready to go, right out of the bag, all in a convenient size enough for you. Our mini chopped salad kits are perfect for a day on-the-go or a night in, whether you’re in Nashville, Memphis, or absolutely anywhere else.

Of course, if you’d like to add some protein to your salad to make it a fuller meal, you are highly encouraged to toss on some tasty prepared chicken — be it grilled, fried, or even rotisserie — to get a bit more of that Nashville Hot experience. (We’ve certainly done it ourselves.) 

For the best flavor, keep your mini chopped salad kit refrigerated and enjoy within a few days of purchase.