How it’s Made: Chopped Salad Kits

Have you ever looked at a Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kit and wondered how we got all of those amazing ingredients into that beautiful bag currently sitting in your refrigerator? It’s quite the process from field to fork. We invite you to come along. 

Indeed, there is a lot that happens between when the seeds are first planted to the harvest, processing, and packaging of Taylor Farms products like our innovative Chopped Salad Kits, so we thought we’d give you an insider’s view of the people, technology, and logistics involved throughout the journey.

Taylor Farms Growers 

Everything starts out in the fields themselves with our many growers. Grower Brent Peterson states: “Safety comes first. That’s something that’s always crossing my mind; I’m providing families across the nation with food.” In this video, get to know the LaBrucheries, a family carrying on a proud generational tradition of growing high-quality produce that began decades ago in the Imperial Valley of El Centro, CA. JP LaBrucherie looks proudly on the fields, saying: “We’ve got a sustainable crop with a great yield, great color, great production, very healthy.” 


Planting and growing produce is one thing, but what about the actual harvesting part? As with anything in agriculture, new technologies are always being developed to make harvesting more efficient, safer, and more consistent. 

Check out this video highlighting the technology our teams are using to streamline the harvesting of cabbage and reduce the amount of labor involved in the process while ensuring the consistent quality of each head harvested before it makes its way to your table. 

Processing and Packaging 

After our produce has been grown and harvested, it needs to be processed and packaged so we can get it to a store near you. As you can probably imagine, it involves a lot of machinery and skilled people. 

Here’s a quick video offering a glimpse into what the process looks like at our facility. 

And if you’d like a more detailed view of what all this looks like, watch this video that gives a longer overview of what goes on inside our facilities when we’re getting our fresh products ready to hit the shelves.

Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits

Our Chopped Salad Kits were a game changer in the industry when they were first introduced, and they continue to be the standard today. Why? It all stems from a combination of high ingredient quality, forward-thinking processing and packaging processes that ensure freshness, and a heavy dose of culinary expertise. 

They’re also entirely convenient — all of our kits come fully washed and ready to be enjoyed right out of the bag. That means you’ll never have to worry about washing or prepping any ingredients. The only bit of work involved on your end of things is putting it all together!

So, how do we come up with all of these inventive products? Each Taylor Farms facility has a dedicated, on-site team of Culinary and R&D experts who take delectable ideas from the kitchen to the production floor. Our innovative and resourceful chefs tap into the newest tastes, trends, and packaging methods to create delicious products you will always look forward to serving, from more traditional salads like our Creamy Italian Chopped Salad Kit to our bolder gourmet products such as our Thai Chili Mango Chopped Salad Kits and plenty of other incredible seasonal options in between.

Chopped Salad Kit Ideas and Recipes

Our Chopped Salad Kits come packed with everything you need to be enjoyed right out of the bag, from blends of greens and veggies to tasty toppings and dressings. And while all of our kits come packed with enough ingredients to make a wholesome and satiating meal, you can also add various proteins to make them even more filling. Many of our salads go great with items like grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, and steak, but you can also go the all-veggie route with proteins such as quinoa, roasted chickpeas, and tofu. 

Recipes Using Chopped Salad Kits

Need some new recipes to get you going? We’d love to help. Check out a few of our favorites below, featuring various Chopped Salad Kits:

We hope you have a better idea now of all the behind-the-scenes aspects involved in delivering fresh Taylor Farms products from the field to your table. Be sure to keep an eye out for new and seasonal Chopped Salad Kits as they become available, and don’t forget to check out our ever-expanding recipes page — we’re always adding new ideas!