Parents: Your Back-to-School Assignment

Attention parents: your next assignment is to serve your hungry kiddos healthy snacks that they’ll actually enjoy. For full points, the foods should be ready to eat, convenient, and easy to serve. Extra credit goes to ingredients that are sustainably farmed and extra fresh. The due date is the moment the school year begins. Good Luck.

Psst, don’t worry, Taylor Farms has your cheat sheet for this assignment. Here are the answers that will get let you ace this:

Question 1: What is the single easiest, healthiest after-school snack kids will crunch on? Answer: A pre-prepped, ready-to-serve Veggie Tray

Taylor Farms snack tray with turkey sausage bites, colby-jack cheese cubes, a selection of fresh, crunchy vegetables, and Hidden Valley Ranch dipping sauce.

Busy parents and caregivers can just peel open this vegetable tray and have kids dive into fresh, crunchy sugar snap peas, carrots, celery, broccoli, and tender grape tomatoes. It comes with creamy Hidden Valley Ranch dip, which is most kids’ dip of choice!

For kids who love turkey bites and parents who love extra protein, there’s also the Turkey & Cheese Vegetable Tray

When snacking is done, just reseal and refrigerate until the next day.

Question 2: What’s a grab-and-go lunchbox meal that has fresh ingredients and a variety of things to munch on? Answer: Mini meals!

Go a step beyond the questionable lunchmeat and let your kids chose their favorite Taylor Farms mini meal. They’re completely lunchbox-ready; just pop them in and go. 

  • The Butcher Board mini meal has all-natural beef salami, crispy Club crackers, cheese bites, sweet red grapes, and apple slices.

The Picnic in the Park mini meal comes with a sweet treat for the sweethearts in your life. It’s got red grapes, apple slices, mild cheddar cheese cubes, a blend of almonds and dried cranberries, Carr’s® Table Water® Crackers, and a Ghirardelli® dark chocolate square.

Butcher Board Mini Meal

Question 3: What’s a healthy lunchbox option for teens athletes who want to balance out all their pizza nights? Answer: Single-serve salads

Cobb Ready to Eat Salad with Chicken and Bacon

Another lunchbox-ready meal option are our single-serve protein-packed salads. They’re all chopped and ready, and come with complementary dressing and a fork.

Teen athletes will go for the single-serve Cobb Salad, with hard-boiled egg, chicken, bacon bits, and blue cheese dressing, or the single-serve Chicken Caesar, with crunchy romaine, chicken, Parmesan cheese, and a creamy Caesar dressing. 

Question 4: You have an elementary school kid who only likes exactly two vegetables: carrots and broccoli, and only when they’re dipped in ranch dressing. What do you do? Answer: Ready-made Snack Packs.

Great for lunch or between-activities snacks.

Hand this kid the Turkey and Cheddar Snack Pack—you’re giving them crunchy carrots, broccoli, and creamy ranch dressing, plus they’ll get cheese slices and savory turkey bites. With 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and calcium, this is a well-balanced pack for lunch or after-school snacking.

For those kids for whom broccoli is a stretch, try the Apples and Cheese Snack Pack. It comes with fresh apple slices, sweet carrots, cheddar cheese slices, and a handful of raw almonds.

Taylor Farms Turkey & Cheese Snack Pack with turkey sticks, cheddar cheese, carrots, and broccoli.

Question 5: What can parents do to make weeknights easier amid the frenzy of homework, permission slips, and projects? Answer: Chopped Salad Kits and Stir-Fry Meal kits

Teriyaki Meal Kit Product Bag Image

School nights can get so chaotic. The last thing you want to do on those nights is to prepare a gourmet meal. 

Taylor Farms stir fry meal kits come with fresh vegetables and luscious sauces. Just cook in a skillet and have it on the table in minutes. Try the Teriyaki Meal Kit, which comes with noodles, veggies, and sauce, the Ginger Garlic Meal Kit with its delectable sticky sauce, or the Pad Thai, with a medley of fresh vegetables.

If your main dish is ready, but you need a healthy side salad in a snap, try our Chopped Salad Kits or Salad Kits. All of the ingredients are cleaned and prepped, and they come in flavor combinations that will round out your meal and have you going back for seconds. Some of our favorites that kids tend to love are the Sweet Kale Chopped Kit, the Cheddar Ranch Salad Kit, and the Dill Pickle Chopped Salad Kit

Bonus: if you have a kid who can reach up to the counter, they could do the salad prep for you! Win-win-no spin!

We think you’re ready for this back-to-school assignment now that you have a veggie-friendly cheat sheet. Here’s to your straight-A report card, parents!