Big Bowls, Big Flavor: Meet Our New Value-Sized Salad Bowls

At Taylor Farms, we’re always looking for new ways to deliver great-tasting, veggie-based dishes to your table in fantastic forms — especially salads. And it seems we’ve done it yet again. Introducing our new Value-Sized salad bowls! These crowd-sized bowls offer three servings each of tasty salad, full of fresh ingredients, carefully curated to provide satisfying flavors and textures in three different varieties.


Crazy Convenient and Ready in Seconds

Aside from being fresh & delicious, our new Value-Sized Bowls also ratchet up the convenience factor you’ve come to expect from Taylor Farms products. Not only is each salad pre-washed and prepped, but you can even assemble and toss together in the package — no need for an extra bowl! That means they’re easy to bring along to gatherings, picnics, potlucks, or even just on those nights at home when you want fewer dishes to clean up afterward. 

Our Value-Sized Salad Bowls are a great way to instantly serve up mouthwatering salads. These complement an endless variety of meals — even takeout! So, whether you’re looking for an easy way to include some veggies on a burger night or need a family-sized salad to accompany your go-to order from your favorite wings spot, simply grab your salad of choice, toss together, and serve!

Get to know our Value-Sized Salad Bowls below.

Caesar with Chicken Salad Bowl in Value Size

Fun fact: It’s impossible to go wrong with a Caesar (trust us, we’ve done the research). With its fresh romaine lettuce, grilled white chicken, parmesan cheese, and our famously creamy Caesar dressing, the Value-Sized Caesar with Chicken Bowl riffs on the classic flavors of a Caesar with delicious results. But why stop there? We took things even further by including herb-seasoned flatbread strips that provide a pleasing crunch with every bite, taking this salad bowl to the next level.

Taylor Farms Creamy Italian Salad Bowl in Value Size

We think it’s time Italian salads finally get their due. To support this entirely just cause, we’ve crafted this Creamy Italian Salad Bowl with crisp romaine lettuce, grilled white chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, seasoned flatbread strips for an added crunch, and a creamy Italian herb dressing packed with familiar flavors that help everything come together. An excellent addition to any pasta night, this salad bowl can instantly turn a low-key weeknight meal into a memorable one. And don’t worry — it’s just as effective on the weekends, too.   

Tex Mex Crunch Salad Bowl, Family Size

Ah, Tex Mex — the delectable hybrid of Mexican-inspired cuisine merged with bold Texas flair and a little bit of the Southwest as well. This 3-serving salad bowl works with everything from enchiladas and flautas to hearty salads like our Tex Mex Crunch. This zesty salad boasts a combination of crisp iceberg lettuce, tender, grilled white chicken meat, crunchy salted corn chips with flax, a Mexican four-cheese blend, and a vibrant dressing that merges two of the best things in the world: salsa and ranch.