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The Taylor Farms Apple Feta Salad Kit package, showing spinach, spring mix, feta cheese bits, almonds, pieces of puffed apple, and white balsamic shallot vinaigrette.

Apple Feta Salad Kit

Apples and feta? You better believe it. At the heart of this impeccably-crafted salad kit lies a blend of fresh spinach and spring mix that’s topped with creamy feta cheese, honey-sweetened almonds for a delightful crunch, and cinnamon puffed apples for even more flavorful texture and depth. It’s all finished off with our zesty white balsamic shallot vinaigrette that imparts the perfect amount of vibrancy to create an ideal balance of flavors.

Product Features

  • Complete salad kit with unique toppings and dressing
  • Washed and ready to enjoy
  • Ready in less than 3 minutes
  • Good source of folate
  • Only 180 calories per serving

MORE ABOUT Apple Feta Salad Kit

Like all our salad kits, we’ve made it as convenient as possible to enjoy — just open the package, toss the ingredients together, and revel in the combination of tastes and textures. And did we mention that each serving provides plenty of folate and Vitamins A and K? 

Enjoy our Apple Feta Salad Kit on its own, served alongside mild dishes like roast pork loin or rotisserie chicken. Or top it with grilled chicken or steak for a satisfying meal of its own with an added boost of protein. Regardless of which path you take, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the unique — and, dare we say, fancy — flavors this salad kit so generously offers.