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The Taylor Farms Veggies & Cheese Snack Pack package, showing celery stalks, baby carrots, cheddar cheese slices, and Hidden Valley Ranch dip.

Veggies & Cheese Snack Pack

If you’re tired of being weighed down by fatty processed snack foods, perhaps it’s time to return to one of the most wholesome and beloved snacks in existence: veggies and dip. Crisp celery and crunchy baby carrots are the perfect match for the creamy goodness of Hidden Valley Ranch dip. Toss in some slices of premium cheddar cheese, and you have a tasty and filling snack ready to go the moment you open the package—because everything is already washed and ready to enjoy!


Product Features

  • Fully washed and ready to enjoy
  • Convenient package size
  • Good source of vitamin A
  • 6 grams of protein 

MORE ABOUT Veggies & Cheese Snack Pack

With 6 grams of protein and only 230 calories per serving, you can actually feel good about snacking for a change, so keep a few of these stocked in the fridge, and you’ll always have a little something to help tide you over at a moment’s notice that won’t leave you feeling like you ate a pound of rocks afterward. (Not that we know what that feels like.)