Chef Crafted Salads by Taylor Farms
Just add dressing!

Convenience has never been so delicious with Chef Crafted Salad Blends. In every package Taylor Farms delivers an array of fresh ingredients to create incredible and flavorful salads designed to save you time and fit your unique taste. Our Chef Crafted Salad Blends encourage home chefs to try new vegetables, fruits and herbs in their salad offerings – all pre-washed and ready to eat! That means less prep time for you, so you can focus on what really matters.

Save time with Chef Crafted Salads today!

Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Southwestern Crunch

Southwestern Crunch

Strengthen, revitalize and enjoy.

With Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Salads, you can quickly and easily prepare a healthy, gourmet salad topped with the dressing of your choice. Our unique Southwestern Crunch combines fresh romaine with tasty cilantro, beautiful carrot ribbons, green onions, and cabbage. Bring something fresh and new to your table, while saving time and delivering a healthy, flavorful choice.

Made with:

  • Cabbage & Green Onions Cabbage & Green Onions
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Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Snappy Spinach Salad

Snappy Spinach Salad

Rejuvenate and satisfy your urge to munch on something healthy.

Tired of serving the same old salad for dinner? Create your own chef-inspired salad with the help of Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Snappy Spinach Salad in a matter of minutes. Our blend of baby spinach, baby red lettuce, sugar snap peas, carrots, and grape tomatoes is perfect to enjoy on its own paired with a creamy dressing or as a simple side accompanied by a hearty soup for a healthy and easy two-course meal. Save time in the kitchen with Chef Crafted Snappy Spinach without sacrificing flavor or beauty.

Made with:

  • peas Peas
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Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Apples & Greens

Apples & Greens

Nourish, refresh, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chefs love to add a bit of sweetness to their salad. Now you can create a flavorful and beautiful salad in minutes without washing or chopping when you use Taylor Farms Apples & Greens Chef Crafted Salad. This tantalizing blend of fresh spring mix, large juicy apple slices, and carrot ribbons bring sweet and savory together in one dish. Being a chef has never been this easy!

Made with:

  • Tomatoes & Broccoli Apples
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Taylor Farms Chef Crafted Greens & Sunshine Salad

Greens & Sunshine

Brighten and invigorate your day.

Want to make a stunning, flavorful and healthy salad but are starved for time? Try Greens & Sunshine, one of our new chef crafted salad blends. This colorful blend of romaine, baby red lettuce, sweet grape tomatoes, green onions, carrot ribbons, broccoli and thin slices of radishes will pair deliciously with the dressing of your choice. Greens & Sunshine is washed and ready to be dressed and served for a healthy and convenient salad in minutes.

Made with:

  • Tomatoes & Broccoli Tomatoes & Broccoli
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