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Local Youth Gets Hands-on Ag Experience With Taylor Farms

October 21st, 2016

Taylor Farms was very excited to be the chosen Ag business this month for the FARMS Leadership program! As part of our honor, we hosted a tour in the field and at our Foodservice salad processing plant for 31 students from local high schools, including Watsonville, North Salinas, Everett Alvarez, Gonzales, and Soledad.

The day kicked off with the field tour, led by Josh Roberts, Director of Organic Ag Operations, Taylor Farms Retail. Participating 11th and 12th grade students were given an educational overview of conventional and organic farming and harvesting, as well as the chance to learn about career opportunities in field food safety, raw product, and agriculture operations.


FARMS Leadership Students


Josh Roberts of Taylor Farms addressing students about Ag operations

Following the tour, the students learned about our processing operations though a “viewing room” tour at the Foodservice plant, led by Joe Meeks, Sales Representative, Taylor Farms California.

A Q&A session followed and all of the participants were interested and excited to learn about Taylor Farms and our employee culture. In fact, after the students left, we received an email from one of the teachers, saying that on the car ride home the students could not stop talking about how “cool” Taylor Farms is, which makes us very proud!

Watch this video to find out why Roberts also thinks Taylor Farms is “cool” and why he enjoys working in the agriculture industry: