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It’s National Recycling Day!

November 13th, 2020

Happy National Recycling Day, while it may not have made its way on to your calendar, we make sure to celebrate every day! Back in January we shared that three of our facilities are TRUE Platinum Zero Waste certified, which is HUGE!

National Recycling Day! Environmental Management Statistics

We want to share with you just how we go about making sure our products are not only fresh and flavorful, but processed in responsible facilities that embody zero waste! Follow along below for the 6 steps it takes to become TRUE certified.

  1. We create cross functional Green Teams at each facility with management from various departments such as Production, Food Safety/QA, Maintenance, Purchasing, Receiving and Facilities to support and show commitment towards our sustainability initiatives.It's National Recycling Day! Group Photo
  2. We collect and transcribe waste invoices every month, measuring on average over 30 different waste data points at each facility to measure diversion rate, material efficiency, and savings. Allowing us to perform a desktop audit (a collection of all of the facility’s waste related data).
  3. We perform a physical waste audit which means facility volunteers (management and employees) physically sort through a days’ worth of waste. We have audited over 64 tons of waste, which is equivalent to the weight of 44.5 cars!
  4. We are investing in signage, collection containers and training that will make it easier for employees to correctly source separate materials.
  5. We conduct a facility wide Zero Waste training for all employees, to date we have trained over 2,00 Taylor Farms employees for our Zero Waste programs.  It's National Recycling Day! Group of people cleaning
  6. We must achieve a minimum of 90% diversion rate throughout 12 months of production and then continue to maintain that diversion rate to become TRUE certification. Our facilities maintain over 95% diversion rate!


Once all six of these steps are met, we can apply for TRUE (Total Resource Use Efficiency) certification by Green Business Certification Inc., the certifying body of the US Green Business Council. To learn more about TRUE visit Happy National Recycling Day!

It's National Recycling Day! Reduction, Reuse Recycle Image