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How to Put Together a Spooky Halloween Spread!

October 15th, 2019

It’s almost Halloween time and our friend The College Housewife is sharing some fun tips on how to put together a fun and festive party spread!

Make sure the whole family is fueled for a long evening of trick-or-treating by serving up some fun and delicious appetizers! Did you know that kids are more likely to eat their veggies when served with a dip? You can pick up the Taylor Farms Veggie Trays for a quick and easy option and assemble on a fun board or in the shape of skeleton or pumpkin too! Inspired by Harry Potter’s Herbology 101 class, this spread is all about plants, so add in some tree branches and unique veggies to deck out your scene.

You can also serve a spooky cocktail for the parents, with this recipe for Whiskey Witches Brew:

8 oz Apple cider

8 oz Dark Cherry juice

8 oz of whiskey or bourbon

Dry Ice

Stir together apple cider, dark cherry juice and bourbon in a large pitcher and refrigerate. Pour equally into (4) glasses and top with a cube of dry ice.

*Note: dry ice will remain ‘smoky’ for 5-10 minutes so be sure to serve right away.


Halloween is all about the decor, so layer textures with spider webs, spooky linens and candles. You can also use what you have around the house and give it a quick black spray paint to spookify it! You can put together some fun appetizers and snacks like a Cauliflower Buffalo Dip or even some fun Greek Salad Pita Nachos. This will ensure that you score some nutritional points before indulging in all of the candy!

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