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4 Tips for a Happy Cart and Happy Heart

February 27th, 2020

What you put in your cart ends up in your fridge and then ultimately, in your belly! Here at Taylor Farms our mission is to make healthy food DELICIOUS and accessible to all families in North America. We’ve partnered with some of our friends to share some tips on how you can make smart buying decisions in store so that you can make better eating choices at home or on-the-go.

Reach for Plants First

“The first (and most important) step to ensuring I’m eating for Heart Health is making sure I have TONS of plants on hand to build my meals around each week. Of course, that starts with what’s in my grocery cart. My GO-TO for plant-based lunches is always a Taylor Farms Salad Kit! I start each week by buying a few different flavors so that I always have a quick and easy plant-based lunch at the ready.” – Regan Jones, award-winning registered dietitian and certified personal trainer.

“Start in the produce section. This helps to assure you are filling your cart FIRST with the heart healthy fruits and veggies. I always grab fresh herbs, a variety of greens, fruits and veggies.” – says Kelly of Nurturing Body and Mind

“I always start in the produce section and try to fill my cart with as many fruits and veggies as possible. (…) When my cart {and kitchen} is filled with whole foods, there is less room for the junk!” – Lauren Lefevre, lifestyle blogger and mom of twins.


Quick Ready-to-Eat Options


“What I like most about a Chopped Kit is that on busy days, I can grab a bag, open, toss and go – OR – on days when I have a few more minutes, I might chop some red bell pepper for a little extra crunch and add in some fresh fruit, especially if I have some leftover from breakfast.” – Regan Jones 


“I have learned that having ready-to-grab-and-eat food in the fridge makes healthy-eating more attainable, so I slice up fruits and veggies as soon as I get home, store them in glass containers, and keep a colorful assortment that makes munching on whole foods more fun.” – Lauren Lefevre

“I’m such a big fan of Taylor Farms salad + stir fry kits. They’re such an easy and convenient way to enjoy vegetables ~ the kits take out so much guesswork so I can enjoy a healthy meal in minutes.” – Gracie from The Hungry Blonde


Stick to the Perimeters

“Try to stick to the perimeters of the grocery store only dipping in between the aisles for healthy cereals, healthier crackers like Simple Mills or Miltons, and healthy carbs.” – Lauren Lefevre

Customize to fit your needs

“I love adding a protein to the salad kits or even some avocado for a healthy fat. Whenever we get together with our group of friends we usually grab one of these chopped kits to go with our meals and they never disappoint.” – Kelly from Nurturing Body and Mind

“Eating a Heart-Healthy diet may sound overwhelming until you realize it’s really just about finding ways to ADD more plants (full of fiber + nutrients) to your diet. For me, that means most days I’m enjoying whole grains + fruit for breakfast, a BIG SALAD for lunch and a salad + half my plate full of veggies for dinner. “ – Regan Jones


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