Taylor Farms

Meeting the Future of the Ag Industry at Local Career Expo

May 12th, 2017

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County (BGCMC) and Mission Trails Regional Occupational Program (ROP) hosted the 10th Annual Career Expo and Community Resource Fair last Friday at the BGCMC Clubhouse in Salinas, CA. More than 300 enthusiastic middle and high school students attended this day-long expo, where they learned about career options and strategies to prepare them for successful futures.

The agriculture industry was well represented with representatives from Taylor Farms, Tanimura & Antle, Earthbound Farm, and Mann Packing in attendance. Students had the opportunity to interact with these industry professionals and learn about how technological advancements are shaping careers and opportunities in our industry. Team Taylor handed out our delicious snack trays, swag bags, and lettuce-shaped stress balls – which the kids noted would come in handy during final exams!

Ted Taylor and Katrina Gargiulo of Taylor Farms

Our own Ted Taylor was on a panel at the expo speaking about innovation in the agriculture industry.

“The Boys and Girls Club Career Expo offered a unique opportunity to help educate local youth on the many career paths within our industry,” said Taylor. “With recent advancements in technology, the agricultural community must recruit a new set of skills to augment our more traditional roles. These youth possess the capacity and hunger to develop such skills, and with our future depending on them, it was truly an honor to be part of their Career Expo.”

Happy Snackers

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