Taylor Farms

Gonzales High School Coach Honored with KSBW Golden Whistle Award!

December 5th, 2018

Congratulations to Coach Art Berlanga, Head Football Coach at Gonzales High School, for being awarded with KSBW Golden Whistle Award! Taylor Farms is proud to partner with Transformational Coaches of Monterey County to honor local coaches who genuinely impact the lives of young people.

Sam Chaidez of Taylor Farms and Art Berlanga, KSBW Golden Whistle Award Recipient


Coach Berlanga has certainly made an impact at Gonzales High School during his 2 years as head coach, leading the football team to their first-ever undefeated season in 15 years! Coach Berlanga promotes positive coaching tendencies that inspire excellence on and off the field, by placing a strong importance in trust, teamwork, and being a productive member of the community. During Labor Day, Coach Berlanga took his team to assist disabled veterans with their yard and house work, an event which inspired his team to value the investment of giving back to their local community.

“Coach Art not only restored a program but resurrected a community that lost faith in their Friday night lights. Coach Berlanga has brought out the best in players that never played before, he keeps the kids humble and provides a foundation of trust with the boys,” said a student-athlete’s parent.

Coach Art Berlanga is a perfect example of the impact of teaching the values of humbleness, resilience and teamwork can have on the lives of student athletes in preparing them to succeed on the field and shaping them into model citizens in their communities.   

From everyone at Taylor Farms congratulations Coach Berlanga for being the first recipient from the City of Gonzales and for winning on and off the field!