Taylor Farms

Congratulations to Our Own Nicole Flewell on Being Recognized as a Climate Change Advocate!

June 6th, 2018

Last week the Monterey Bay Air Resources District hosted its annual Clean Air Leaders Awards and we’re proud to announce Nicole Flewell, our Director of Sustainability, was given the Climate Change Advocate award to recognize her efforts in using, promoting, and supporting renewable energy solutions and best management practices that result in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a Climate Change Advocate. With our current renewable energy focused sustainability initiatives — with wind and solar — and more to come this year, we’re on our way to new heights of energy independence, and it’s wonderful that the work we’re doing is being recognized by groups like the Monterey Bay Air Resources District ,” says Nicole. “I love seeing Taylor Farms grow into the sustainable company that it is today, and the opportunity to work on clean energy projects like these with a great team is incredible.”

The Monterey Bay Air Resources District believes it is important to recognize individuals, organizations, and companies who demonstrate leadership by their actions, in ensuring good air quality.

By recognizing these leaders with the Clean Air Leaders Awards, they hope to inspire more people and organizations to make a positive impact on air quality, and even more initiatives to be undertaken.