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  1. Blogger Takeover: Eat Drink Shrink’s Favorite Greens

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    Blogger Takeover: Eat Drink Shrink’s Favorite Greens

    Hi everyone! Gabrielle from Eat Drink Shrink here. As an MS Clinical Nutritionist, and almost 7 months pregnant, cooking full time has its perks! There is always food in the fridge, and food on the table. However, you can easily find yourself burnt out, lacking the energy to cook or worst of all ingredients go to waste.

    For both of these reasons I have a few nutrient packed go-to’s that never fail to disappoint and mitigate waste. One of them, is relying on the Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits!! Not only are the varieties all encompassing and packed with modern greens such as kale, but they are portioned out so that nothing goes to waste and you don’t have to chop or measure anything.

    My personal favorite, is the Asiago Kale Chopped Salad Kit!

    I love this variety most as kale can be tedious to prep, ultimately saving you time and energy and this particular green holds up for longer when pre packaged compared to others. Everything comes in individual pockets so that if you don’t desire various toppings you can skip them altogether and you can top with whatever protein you like!

    When it comes to recipe hacks with this particular blend, you can incorporate these salads to top off a sandwich, throw into a pita with a little hummus, sauté the greens with a little of the provided dressing, or you seamlessly toss in some plant based protein with quinoa or chickpeas to make the dish more filling.

    Whether you’re searching for effortless meal solutions or need a modern ready made salad for a gathering, Taylor Farms offers countless Chopped Salad Kit options!

    Which one is your favorite?


  2. Earth Month 2019: Our Journey to Zero Waste

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    At Taylor Farms, we are committed to preserving a healthy world for future generations. In addition to our renewable and alternative energy initiatives, we also focus on waste reduction in our journey to reduce our carbon footprint.

    Just last year, Taylor Farms became the first-ever fresh food company to achieve TRUE Platinum certification for Zero Waste. To receive this certification, our Director of Sustainability Nicole Flewell and our Gonzales ‘Green Team,’ launched the Zero Waste program with the goal of reducing incoming materials, reusing existing materials when possible, and recycling what remains throughout the facility, achieving a 94% diversion from landfills. We have decreased landfill contribution by 56%, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 30,923 MTCO2E, which is equivalent to taking 6,510 cars off the road annually. In addition, Team Taylor worked with our growing partners to move to 100% reusable bins and totes, eliminating all single use and wax cartons from the supply chain.

    Addressing food accessibility and providing nutritional resources to those in need is an important part of our mission. Each year, we donate over 5 million lbs. of fresh produce to local food banks and charitable organizations, including Ag Against Hunger, Brighter Bites, Salvation Army and Weekend Food Security Programs. Vegetable by-products generated through processing are recycled by third party companies who utilize it for animal feed and compost. We also help reduce food waste in your homes with our value-added products, like Chopped Salad Kits and Stir Fry Kits, which are perfectly portioned, so you can use every part of the product to make something healthy and delicious, without any food being thrown away!

  3. 5 Easy to Follow Brunch Recipes

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    Spring is in full bloom and Easter Brunch is just around the corner! Here at Taylor Farms we know that hosting any celebration can seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry, we are here to help you embrace the flavors of the season with these 5 fresh & easy to follow recipes.









    Be sure to enjoy your food filled weekend with great family and friends! And keep tagging “@yourtaylorfarms & #GoToGreens” to be featured in our feed.

  4. Over $4,000 raised for American Cancer Society

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    Yesterday Taylor Farms employees, their families, and the local downtown Salinas community had the chance to stock up on fresh produce, just in time for their Easter meals.

    For a $25 donation, attendees of the pop-up market received a Taylor Farms reusable tote bag and they were able to fill it with donated fresh salad kits from Taylor Farms and some of our favorite California based produce brands – fresh berries from Driscoll’s, organic salads from Earthbound Farm,  hearty artichokes and asparagus from Ocean Mist Farms and an absolute California favorite – avocados from Mission Produce.

    “What a great way to celebrate Earth Month and give back to a great cause! I look forward to supporting Relay for Life again next year and filling my fridge with Taylor Farms veggies.”

    – Lindsey Little, Designer at TMD Creative
    Fresh produce to support American Cancer Society Relay for Life. What more could you ask for? Thank you to everyone who participated in this great event and also a huge thank you to the pop-up Farmers Market team that was organized by a collection of Taylor Farms team members!
  5. Water Conservation Through Innovation

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    Water is an increasingly scarce resource and is essential to our business. We are continuously pursuing ways we can decrease our water usage in our journey providing safe and wholesome fresh foods. When it comes to water in the field, we have seen a widespread shift in the past 5 years from furrow irrigation to drip irrigation, which helps farmers reduce the amount of water needed to nourish their crops.

    In our facilities, we are piloting different technologies, including flow meters and variable frequency drives, which help us better control and conserve our water usage in our facilities. At our facility in Salinas, California, we have added collection lines which decreases overall water consumption by 12.5%. The addition of SmartWash® to our system allows us to maximize our wash water, using 10% less water than standard produce wash systems. SmartWash not only conserves water and improves food safety, but also utilizes less energy to deliver the same safe, high quality products you expect from us. Certified by the USDA, SmartWash is the most advanced food safety wash enhancer in the world.


  6. Taylor Farms Sustainability Director Talks Sustainability at Silicon Valley Innovation Event

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    At Taylor Farms, environmental sustainability and innovation are key ingredients in our journey to minimize our environmental footprint, while delivering healthy fresh foods to our consumers. Last week, Team Taylor attended a sustainability-focused event hosted by Plug and Play Tech Center, a leading global innovation platform and corporate innovation partner of Taylor Farms. With corporations across all industries increasing their efforts to be environmentally mindful, Plug and Play is setting out on a mission to bring together key stakeholders together and foster sustainability innovation.

    Between startup pitches, keynote speakers and a panel discussion, the day-long event was the perfect platform to connect like-minded experts on all things environmental sustainability. Our Direct of Sustainability, Nicole Flewell, joined an impressive panel comprised of thought leaders from other forward-thinking corporations, including DuPont, Braskem, Fashion for Food and PVH, to discuss sustainability initiatives and challenges across different industries. Nicole shared examples of how Taylor Farms is integrating environmental sustainability into our everyday business with renewable energy, zero waste programs and responsible business practices.

    Taylor Farms plans to continue pursuing opportunities to lead renewables projects across North America, with each project taking the company one-step further in its dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint, while delivering healthy fresh foods to our consumers.

  7. Earth Month 2019: Powering a Sustainable Future

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    Here at Taylor Farms, we celebrate the Earth everyday with our environmental sustainability initiatives. We know that one bag of salad won’t change the world but how we make it might! We make our products with our consumers, farmers, and our planet in mind; making products you can feel good about. Stay tuned this Earth month as we uncover 4 key ingredients in our recipe for a sustainable future, starting with our initiatives to save energy.

    Through a combination of solar panels, a wind turbine, fuel cell technology and a cogeneration energy system, Taylor Farms has seen a total reduction of 12,190 metric tons of CO2 over the course of the year – equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 2,588 vehicles. Our renewable and alternative energy initiatives reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power our operations with clean energy. With these environmentally-conscious sources of power, we’re on our way to new heights of energy independence!

    We have installed a total of 18.5 acres of solar panels at 5 of our facilities, which together produce 8.4 MILLION kWh/YEAR! This massive amount of renewable energy is equivalent to the energy used to power 675 homes per year.

    The blades of our 398-foot tall wind turbine in Gonzales, CA spin up to 20 rotations per minute and supply up to 1 megawatt of power. The greenhouse gas emissions avoided are equivalent to 3,823,584 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle during the course of a year.

    Our Bloom Fuel Cells allow us to generate clean, reliable power onsite by converting natural gas into electricity. Producing a total of 7 million kWh/year, each kWh produced is up to 21% cleaner than the traditional utility grid.

    Our natural-gas powered cogeneration system is an important part of our advanced, three-part renewable and alternative energy system, offsetting annual energy by 62% at our Gonzales, CA-based veggie facility. Together, power from our wind turbine, solar array and Concentric Power cogeneration plant reduces our carbon footprint and offsets annual energy usage by over 90%!

    A sustainable future is important to us, and we will continue to focus on renewable energy in our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthy environment. Stay tuned to learn more about our recipe for a more sustainable future!